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Flexwatt Heat Tape - 4 in. 230V - 100 foot roll - bean-farm

The Bean Farm

Flexwatt Heat Tape - 4 in. 230V - 100 foot roll

$ 345.00

This is for European, South American and Asian Customers. This is a special order product!!! Flexwatt Heat Tape - 4 in. 230V - 100 foot roll. 10 cm wide, 350W/M2, 230V. 8 Watts per foot. This product is designed to be operated at a "herp-related" temperature and is an excellent heating material for herpetoculturists. Flexwatt is ultra-thin, at .012 inches thick, and is sealed in durable, flexible polyurethane. You manufacture this product yourself and will need to supply the wire and plug. The strips of heat tape are connected with two clips and two clip covers which are wired to a standard electrical wire. The clip sets and cord sets are sold separately. You can also solder if your are comfortable with this. It is recommended that a rheostat, dimmer (use a dimmer intended for incandescent lights) or a proportional thermostat be used with this product. WARNING! Because this is a product that you manufacture yourself, there is no implied warranty and you incur all liability for it. Keep tape under 95 degrees! Use common sense when using this or any other electrical heat element. This product is intended for indoor use. Technical information is included.
FLEXWATT Wiring Diagram.pdf
FLEXWATT Wiring Heating Elements in Parallel.pdf
FLEXWATT Attaching Electrical Connectors.pdf
Bean Farm's FLEXWATT Info/Use Sheet.pdf

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